“List of proposals” in the credit complex CFRONT

02 Apr 2020

[“List of proposals” in the credit complex CFRONT]

CS ltd continues to develop its IT solutions for banks and financial companies.

In this way, a new “List of proposals” functionality has appeared in the CFRONT lending automation system. What is this list good for and what can it offer?

To simplify, the process of loan issuing can be represented as follows: a request from a client is received, the client is being checked, and on the basis of the results, a decision on granting a loan is made.

The “List of proposals” allows you to create a pool of customers (for example, these are the clients of our bank – payroll clients, or borrowers with a good credit history) and upload it to the CFRONT lending system.

Further requests from a client from this list proceed along a different decision-making path: they switch to automatic approval, while for all other requests a number of checks are conducted – in credit bureaus, debtor registers, etc. according to the process.

The benefits are the following: the bank minimizes risks, the time for decision making is reduced, the number of requests to the credit bureaus and other sources is lowered, the client quickly receives a loan.

The new functionality can be widely used for marketing campaigns, mailing out package offers, various promotions and cross-selling.
CFRONT is a routing and decision-making system from CS ltd, which allows to most flexibly and efficiently organize the lending process in a bank or financial company. Its components: business process modeler, builder of forms and employee workplaces, user web application, connector to external information sources (credit history, open registries), interfaces for interaction with the back-office system, internal services for use in processes. See details 

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