New car right now!

15 Jan 2013

logo_uaAlmost every person in the world dreams about living in comfort. The car always had a leading position in the list of needs. Due to the automobile loan program in Ukrainian banks cars of all classes became available for citizens of our country.

The Credit::eCSpert automated system, developed by the CS Ltd (Kharkov), helps employees of credit and risk departments of the JSC “BM Bank” to speed up processes of clients servicing, applications considering, contracts settling.  With its help bank employees are able to adjust credit forms, organize process of application transfer between departments, conduct electronic credit business. The scoring module enables to assess borrower’s financial conditions and calculate allowable amount of credit.  Integration modules help to accept applications made by potential borrowers just at the car showroom, ask for data about clients at internal sources, provide bank’s risk managers with received information about income, assets, credit history for decision making and send a finished agreement for accounting to the back-office system.   

Automobile loan issuing goes easily, quickly and in maximum comfort as for the client so for bank’s employees at JSC “BM Bank”, in other words it saves time of all members of the process. Implementation of the “Credits for cars purchasing” module was made in extremely short terms – in about 3 months. It became possible at the expense of settings flexibility of the Credit::eCSpert solution.

Joint effective work of JSC “BM Bank” and CS Ltd specialists is a guarantee of efficiency and progressiveness in this banking area.

About BM Bank

BM Bank Ltd. (NBU License #223 dtd 03.02.2006) is Ukrainian subsidiary of one of the biggest Russian banks – "Bank of Moscow".

BM Bank provides a wide list of services: good deposit programs, payment transactions, transfer of money, etc. Now BM Bank services more than 54 thousands of clients.

Credit- Rating agency conferred BM Bank the uaBBB+  rating with a stable prediction. According to the National rating scale it is an investment grade.

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