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Customer acquisition

A modern and effective tool for selling online banking to customers is a so called landing page. It gives information about online banking service in an attractive and ergonomic view.

Even if a person visiting the bank site is not a customer and not registered in the online banking system they can use convenient services of online banking and send requests for buying bank products.

Besides system information and attractive design the landing page provides the following standard services:

  • news feed and promotional content
  • area of online banking login
  • map and the list of bank branches and ATMs
  • link or QR codes for downloading mobile application of online banking if it is available in the bank
  • contact information area and links to the social media accounts of the bank

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Currency calculator

      The option makes it possible to calculate amount of currency purchase or sale at the commercial bank rate

Deposit calculator
 The option makes it possible to choose deposit currency, amount, term and calculate income, it also enables to make a request for depositing money. The schedule of interest payments is presented in an attractive visual form.
If the bank has a proper acquiring license an option of depositing money from cards of any bank is also available

Loan calculator
 The option enables to choose loan goal, currency, amount, term and calculate repayment schedule, it also makes it possible to submit a request for a new loan. The schedule of repayments is presented in an attractive visual form

Payments for utilities and other services

 If the bank has a proper acquiring license and the activated module of utility payments then customers will be able to make payments for utilities and other services (mobile top-up, payments for internet services) from cards of any other banks
Money orders calculator

 If the module of money orders is activated customers can calculate fees of different payment systems and find a necessary money order by the transfer code
Transfers between cards

 If the bank has a proper acquiring license customers with cards of any bank can transfer money to cards of any banks
Remote registration
 The option makes it possible for customers to send a request for connection to online banking. If the customer has opened any products in the bank the access is given to them right after identification, or else an application of a potential customer is sent to the bank

The list of services can be expanded or shortened depending on the set of products and services the bank can provide.

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