[Account management]

Account management

After registering in the system customers get access to the list of their accounts.

The standard operations with accounts are as follows:

  • view the list of accounts (name, currency, available balance)
  • set a range of accounts to be displayed (customers can exclude closed or any other accounts from the list or include them to the list for display)
  • nickname and add icons for visual account identification
  • view full details of the selected account
  • receive and print account statement (users by themselves specify statement period and format, then it can be saved as a statement template)
  • make payments from accounts

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Opening new account

      The option makes it possible to send a request for opening a new current account
SMS informing

 The service of informing about cash flow and account balances (via SMS and e-mail)
 With this service customers can print statements and approved payment orders with the bank’s facsimile stamp and signature

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