Each bank carrying out salary projects of corporate customers considers it necessary to purchase the iFOBS.eSalary module when implementing iFOBS.Corporate. The module considerably facilitates servicing salary projects not only for customers but also for the bank itself. It has all the necessary features for creating and supporting all payments and entities connected with paying salary to employees, taking into consideration specific features of small and large enterprises work:

  • connecting enterprises to salary projects and creating lists of projects
  • creating and maintaining a list of employees with complete applications / importing lists of employees and changes in the list or in employee applications (for large corporations)
  • creating payrolls of various types (advance payments, travelling expenses, etc.) / importing payrolls
  • processing employee applications in the bank, opening and servicing card salary accounts and cards, fee charges and transferring funds to employees’ accounts

The module operates in close integration with the bank card system and CBS. For the banks not using the CBS B2 the back-office part of this module is offered as part of the iFOBS.CustomerService subsystem where payments are checked and processed. After this ready payment documents are transferred to the bank CBS. The corresponding interfaces for data exchange are required to be provided by the card system.

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Integration with  enterprise accounting system
iFOBS.Autoclient, iFOBS.OCI
      As an option for the biggest customers the mechanism of automatic data exchange on salary projects between enterprise accounting system and remote service system can be implemented

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