[Payment limits and authorization]

Payment limits and authorization

There is one more service enabling enterprises to establish additional control over payments of their subsidiaries – it is the iFOBS.Limits&Authorization module.

With this module enterprises can by themselves build a structure of limits for every subsidiary organization.

Limits are set for accounts according to payment types, amounts of separate payments or over a period of payments, there are also limits relating to enterprise’s correspondents. When limits are exceeded a payment can be either rejected or sent for authorization to users of a proper level. Up to six levels of authorization can be set up in the system.

The module helps enterprises to provide a necessary level of control over sizable payments or large volume of payments and is an additional internal level of funds security.

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Corporate budgeting
      The module makes it possible for enterprises to maintain their own budget in the iFOBS.Corporate online banking system. The system allows to plan and monitor budget performance, even if divisions of a company are serviced in different bank branches


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