[Factoring transactions]

Factoring transactions

For supplying companies working with the bank and debtors under factoring agreements the iFOBS.Factoring module will be a useful addition to the online banking toolset.

The module provides opportunities not only for monitoring the state of payments and debts by factoring agreements but also for sending the list of waybills under contracts of delivery.
This saves both the customer’s and the bank’s time spent for accepting and handling delivery documents. Besides while loading the lists of waybills the system monitors state of debtor limits and completeness of the data provided to the bank.

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Linking contracts of delivery

      The option of linking contracts of delivery to existing factoring agreements saves the bank’s time spent for registering a new contract of delivery

SMS mailing to debtors

      The option of SMS mailing to debtors about their debts enables the bank to receive additional fees


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