[Payment & Settlement Center]

Payment & Settlement Center

Easy to use system for acceptance and making payments enables bank customers quickly pay for various services: mobile operators, service providers, public utilities and also make money transfer.Bank can offer business a range of services to make payments using a variety of financial instruments.

Customer payments acceptance and implementation

  • public payments acceptance for various services
  • execution of payment orders of customers with their card/current accounts
  • fee charging for payment execution
  • interfaces for interaction with software companies for receiving payments in their favorРасчеты, корреспондентские отношения

Calculations, correspondent relationships

  • flexible routes of payments execution: foreign payments via correspondent bank accounts that are opened in other banks (nostro) or via the accounts of the respondents (Loro)
  • control of balances and turnovers on correspondent account
  • identification of trusted and authorized persons for operation performing
  • payees monitoring - check directly when entering transactions
  • perform conversion payments with a possibility of exchange rates changing for a particular payment
  • accrual of interest on balances and commissions charging on loro accounts
  • automatic fee charge off from the specified account,amount change or fee while payment entering

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