[Lending and Debt Collection]

Lending and Debt Collection

Today credit products are the most popular and mass-selling products in the banking market.
In order to gain a customer system enables to simplify the technology and to speed up decision-making time without compromising on quality of the bank loan portfolio:

  • flexible adjustment of various types of loans
  • automation of the decision-making process on a request
  • arrangement and speed up of the preloan workflow process
  • easy contracts registration via user friendly interface
  • errors minimization due to manual data entry by means of a large number of tests
  • centralized control and audit of credit processes

Basic functionality

  • overdrafts
  • short-term and long-term loans to individuals / entities installment contracts
  • credit lines
  • permission to lending - accounting obligations and provisions under several contracts
  • secured loans to individuals
  • loans from non-residents
  • mortgage lending
  • non-system accounting of problem loans of legal entities and individuals
  • claim settlement of bank lawyers

Collaterals and pledges

  • collateral
  • cross pledges
  • contract of pledges insurance
  • extended contracts of collateral insurance
  • insurance payout if an insured event occurs

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