Deposits are the most attractive and reliable investment vehicle for many customers.
Flexible modeling capabilities of deposit products help creating the most favorable offers for customers and attracting more funds on bank's favourable terms.

Short-term and long-term deposits, demand deposits of individuals and legal entities, overnight deposits

  • flexible adjustment of various service conditions at the product level
  • registration of the contract within the product that defines its basic parameters, taking into account the currency, term and amount of the contribution
  • individual modeling of contract parameters at registration
  • automatic closing of the contract if payment is not received within the time limit prescribed for original amount attraction
  • simulation - pre-estimation for the customer - of the deposit parameters with different conditions of products service
  • attraction of financial resources from different sources
  • replenishment/return of allocated funds and interest to the account, transfer to another deposit
  • automatic accrual of interest on the deposit amount at specified intervals
  • blocking/unblocking of the deposit, also for credit contract security
  • change in the conditions of the contract service, the use of bonuses and others.
  • prolongation of the deposit contract or its early repudiation
  • charging a commission fines
  • amortization of discount / bonuses with the use of EIR

Deposit line for corporate clients

  • flexible adjustment of the terms of contracts service at the product level
  • creation of several tranches within the same multi-line, limitation on the amount of created tranched
  • attraction/refill tranches automatically or manually
  • automatic close of attracted tranches
  • accrual, payment/capitalization of interest on tranche
  • full or partial return of the tranche funds with the recovery of a fine
  • termination of the contract in advance or upon its expiry
  • automatic contract prolongation upon its expiry
  • amortization of discount/bonus using EIR

Individual safes rent

  • maintaining a database of bank's safes
  • contracts registration of safes rent by natural or legal persons
  • rent payment/prepayment of banking services' package
  • early opening of the safe according to the customer/bank request, early termination of the rent contract

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