Operations with corporate cards in online banking provide great opportunities for real-time management of card funds for corporate customers having a multi-branch of card holders (for example, drivers and managers).

The iFOBS.Corporate system has a variety of integration interfaces which enable customers to carry out a broad range of transactions with their holdings in corporate accounts and cards:

  • view the list of corporate card accounts and cards including savings accounts
  • request card balance directly from card processing systems
  • prepare and print account and card statements

Additional services which can be provided at the bank’s request:

Corporate card account replenishment
and withdrawal

      The option makes it possible to replenish and withdraw funds from corporate card accounts in online mode
Corporate card replenishment and withdrawal, transferring funds between cards

 The option makes it possible in online mode to manage funds in specific corporate cards held by enterprise employees: transfer funds from card to card, transfer funds from account to cards or from cards to accounts

Limit management

 The option makes it possible for customers to change limits for funds withdrawal from corporate cards

Card order, reissue

 The option makes it possible to make a request for new primary and additional cards or for reissue of expiring cards


 The option makes it possible to make a request for corporate card blocking or unblocking

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