PINbank: new stage with B2

04 Feb 2013


Specialists of the CS Company finished the implementation of the automated banking system (ABS) B2 in PJSC “PINbank”.

PPINbank has a 15 years old successful activity at the Ukrainian financial market. Change of the bank’s transaction day became a new stage of its development. Now this feature is performed by means of the ABS B2.

“PINbank’s implementation project was a rather interesting one. First of all we had to integrate the ABS B2 with already installed systems in the Bank. Secondly, a speed implementation was expected from our team. Integration and all start-up works were done on time”, - Dmitriy Radchenko, director of the CS company commented.

First months of the ABS B2 system’s operation showed that it easily managed all objectives. Service process of bank’s clients became faster and easier. Time for statutory reporting preparation was reduced. All advantages of the new software were highly appreciated by bank’s employees who serve clients and by bank’s IT-department.

“We found the CS Company as a new and reliable partner. Bank’s IT-service and implementation service of the CS Company found the common language at once that’s why the process of transfer to another software was very quick and successful and we reached all objectives on time”, Iryna Kolesnik,  member of the PINbank’s Executive Board, commented.

About Bank

PJSC “PINbank” is a universal banking institution. It started its activity on the Ukrainian banking market in 1997. The rate of the authorized capital makes up 230 million hryvnias. PINbank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund from 2000, a member of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, associated member of the Visa International and the MasterCard Worldwide payment systems. Credit- Rating agency conferred PINbank the uaBBB+  rating with a stable prediction. Also the Bank maintains almost the highest rating of deposits reliability (score "4+"). According to the National rating scale it is an investment grade.  The Bank is represented by 30 branches located in 14 regions of Ukraine.

For more information, please, contact by e-mail: or phone: 0 800 50 70 80.

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