Idea Bank Upgrades the Software for Better Customer Service

08 Feb 2018

[Idea Bank Upgrades the Software for Better Customer Service]

Idea Bank has completed the process of updating the software in all of its branches and introduced new online services for remote customer service. The project was implemented in cooperation with CS Company.

As a result of the software update the Idea Bank at the present time uses B2 core banking system, the front-office system Jet B2, the system of interaction with the credit bureaus CB::Connector, as well as JetB2 MiddleWare web services for integration of bank’s internal front-office systems and Pentegy internet banking with B2 CBS.

Together with CS Company the Bank has also implemented the iFOBS remote banking services for corporate customers and iB2 software solution for authentication of corporate cards operations. Now the customers of Idea Bank could use such up-to-date services as the remote management of corporate accounts and cards, making payments in national and foreign currency, working with a loan portfolio of the company, conducting salary projects, activation of SMS-informing service and many others.

In order to ensure the security of payments and as a result of modernization there was introduced the iSignDesktop application that allows working in iFOBS internet banking in all modern browsers with a digital signature.

Also in the Bank were established almost all the major functional modules of CBC B2, as well as modules which provide working with loans and the automation of payments with credit partners. Bank branches use JetB2 front-office system for performing cash operations, servicing of loans and deposits, opening of current and card accounts, creating new clients, performing currency operations (FX agreements, SWIFT payments).

Implementation of the project took place in close interaction between bank specialists and the software developing company, which allowed installing the above-mentioned systems on a production environment of the bank in terms optimal for a project of such scale.


Idea Bank is present on the Ukrainian market for 28 years and since 2007 is the part of one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe financial group - Getin Holding S.A, Republic of Poland. Despite all the challenges of the economic crisis in Ukraine, the Bank for several years holds a leading position in the retail segment. Today Idea Bank also noted by experts as one of the most stable banks in the country and is inside the top 20 most reliable banks in Ukraine, according to several reputable ratings.

CS Company specializes in developing, implementation, full-service support and enhancement of automation systems for banks and insurance companies. For more than 20 years of experience in the information technology area, CS Company has become the undisputed leader among Ukrainian developers of automated banking systems. 51% of Ukrainian banks use software developed by CS Company. Since 2010, CS is the only Ukrainian banking software developer which possesses Oracle Platinum Partner status. The key products of the company CS are B2 core banking system, iFOBS system of remote banking service, analytical system CS::BI and automated life insurance system LISA.

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