CS iFRONT Day 2018

19 Sep 2018

[CS iFRONT Day 2018]

"iFRONT Day 2018" CS Ltd business conference for banks was held in Kiev on September 13th. As it can be seen from the title, the conversation was about front-office systems. Attention focused on the bank customer and everything related to his remote servicing.


What's in trend?

Alexander Pogulyaka opened the conference with presentation "Trends in Remote Banking": what is demanded by the client today, who sets the tone on the RB market, and, in fact, what are the developers oriented on?

Mobile first! The market analysis shows the advantage of mobile devices for making payments and other financial transactions. Following the trend, all popular web banking functions are transferred to the mobile application iFOBS.Mobile: operations with payment cards, deposit opening, utility payments, online orders for banking products and services.

The "entry threshold" is reduced: the process of self-registration and login is simplified. The user interface becomes more convenient, clearer and easier.

Add the payments to basket and confirm them all via single SMS code. Collect for the client a database of his payment recipients. Offer him to use ready-made payment templates or even create a payment order "instead of client": no need to type anything, just take a picture of invoice and send it to the bank.


Е-documents vs papers

Sergey Korobov showed a presentation about electronic document management and demonstrated the prospects of electronic workflow in the bank. Sergey gave examples, how to sign contracts and perform banking operations (for example, purchases, sales, currency exchange) based on electronic documents and electronic digital signature, using Internet banking iFOBS.

As a solution for e-documents exchanging between client and bank, CS Ltd offers the iFOBS.DocUpload module, which allows implementing various cases for creating, signing and sending electronic documents to the bank's storage. Among them a case with bilateral signing of contracts, by client and bank.


Convenient, safe – and? or?

How to verify the authenticity of electronic digital signature on e-document? This question as well as other important security questions: implementation of new crypto libraries and keys of accredited CAs (ACCs), – was mentioned in presentation made by Timur Daas.

Security does not happen much, especially in Remote Banking. While the client enjoys the simplicity and convenience of online services, someone must protect his banking from fraud attacks. Collect the statistics of login and payments, fix an event atypical for the client, notify him and security bank officer, block the transaction – all this is now possible not only in iFOBS system. Mikhail Taranin told about empowerment of the iFOBS.FraudDetection system's capabilities. Now it is a stand along solution that can interact with various third-party Remote Banking systems. 


What else

What else was mentioned at the conference?

UI+UX as a success formula. Not only "what" the client sees on his screen, but "how" he uses it. About approaches to usability and design told Dmitry Taranin.

How to put and change the card PIN-code without any problems for client and bank – demonstrated Elena Golovko in her presentation "The system PIN Set UP user cases".

The secrets of successful banking implementation for small and medium-sized businesses were shared by Victoria Hoidina.



On this day, a presentation of new CS Ltd product – front-office complex CFRONT – took place. This solution provides the bank with a universal platform where various banking processes could be modeled by the workflow designer tools.

The team of creators, headed by Tatyana Kirishun and Oleksandr Okhrimovich, demonstrated how to adjust retail crediting processes in the bank via CFRONT. Read more.



More than 80 participants, interested and open to dialogue audience, live communications – all this was "iFRONT Day 2018".

Thank you all, it was a good working day! Looking forward.

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