CS finishes the implementation of the systems complex in Allianz ROSNO Life

28 Jan 2013


The CS specialists finished the last stage of automation of the insurance company Allianz ROSNO Life (Russia, Moscow) in September, 2012.

The third stage of automation included enhancement and implementation of the LISA life insurance system's modules: accounting modules of insurance collective agreements, investment income accounting module, losses settlement module.

Also CS experts improved the interface of data exchange with the SAP system for the collective insurance agreements support. The system was updated in the light of actuarial methods changes, the calculation of the Outstanding Claim Reserve was realized, new insurance products were adjusted.

The mechanism of data conversion on new insurance agreements from external systems format to the LISA import format was created for more efficient cooperation between external systems and the LISA system. Import mechanisms to the insurance agreements information system – registers of the Excel and the CS:iLife formats were also improved.

However the end of the implementation doesn't mean that all automation tasks were solved. Now the whole complex of implemented systems is operated and its further development is being made within the bounds of the support agreement.

Apart from that CS experts together with experts from Allianz ROSNO Life performed hardware and software load testing.

The basic concern of this testing was to define whether the current equipment satisfied planned load increase due to the increase of number of users and number of insured persons. Most requested operations with a peak size of the data base (DB) in 2 millions of insured persons and the emulation of 150 users concurrent working were tested. The testing result was choosing the reconfiguration for the DB server by the client. Also the variety of operations were optimized. The aim of the optimization was to increase systems speed on big amounts of data.

"In 2012 a big amount of work in software improvement and program complex implementation was done. Now 100% of agreements are included in the new system. That was our company's exact task for 2012. As usual the task of historical data migration made biggest difficulties in such kind of projects. In this regard we felt a big support from the CS Company. Our cooperation with the CS Company will be prolonged in 2013. New tasks and new implementations lie ahead", - Anatoliy Kuznetsov, IT-director of Allianz ROSNO Life, commented the project's development in the past year.

About the Allianz ROSNO Life company

Allianz ROSNO Life was established in September 2003 and in the 14th of September it officially announced the beginning of sales. The company belongs to the Allianz New Europe holding, which is a member of the international financial-insurance group – the Allianz SE.

Allianz ROSNO Life is a life insurance company of the federal level. Main tendencies of the company activity are risk and endowment life insurance and also rent insurance. Following the results of the year 2010 the insurance company earned 1,3 million roubles of insurance contributions and took the 6th place on life insurance contributions among Russian insurance companies ( due to Federal Insurance Supervision Service data). The rate of Allianz ROSNO Life insurance funds makes up 2 044 million roubles for 31.12.10. The rate of the authorized capital is increased to 240 million roubles.

In the end of March 2011 the national rating agency "Expert RA" confirmed the reliability rating of the Allianz ROSNO Life with the highest A++ level ("The extra-high reliability level").

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